Farm Labor Supervisor Training Program




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October 23-24, 2018
Wimauma, FL

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November 27-28, 2018
Immokalee, FL

Mission Statement

Increase knowledge and awareness among supervisors of farm workers as to the federal and state regulations regarding proper wage and hour rules, field safety, transportation, housing, and personnel management standards. The expected outcomes of this training program are to ensure that farm workers are paid appropriately, work under the safest possible conditions, and to enhance overall productivity of the farming operation.


The objective behind the Certificate of Farm Labor Management is to enhance the professional stature of those farm labor supervisors who embrace the daily challenges of agricultural production and successfully manage farm workers in accordance with all the associated rules and regulations.

Classes and Certificate Requirements

To earn the Certificate of Farm Labor Management one must:    

  1. Attend (8) FLS classes – (3) Core and (5) Choice.
  2. Pass a test or assessment for each class.

The format of each class assessment will vary according to the topic. In some cases it may be a multiple choice test. In other classes it may be completing an exercise or doing a demonstration. Purpose of the assessment is to confirm that the student understands the class topic. As such, a person can retake the assessment as many times as necessary to demonstrate their knowledge of the information. 

Core Classes

Wage & Hour, EEO Compliance, and one class related to worker safety are considered “core” classes.

Choice Classes

Students pick (5) classes from the remaining class list.

 FLS Classes
  • Wage and Hour
  • Farm Labor Contractor Basics
  • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Compliance
  • Management Communications
  • Agricultural Equipment and Field Safety
  • Worker Protection Standars - Train the Trainer
  • Pesticide Safety
  • Emergency Preparedness and Personal Safety
  • CPR / AED
  • First Aid
  • Advanced DOT Compliance
  • Rules for Bus/Van Drivers
  • Safe Driving
  • Migrant and Seasonal Worker Housing

Please click Classes and Certificates Requirements [pdf] for more detailed information.

Class Schedule, Location, and Registration
  • Wimauma - October 23-24, 2018
  • Immokalee - November 27-28, 2018

For complete schedule and details, click Fall Training Schedule

Scheduling Additional Classes

Additional classes and locations can be scheduled. We urge growers, crew leaders, and other interested folks to contact their local cooperative extension agent to request training sessions in their respective areas around the state. We will schedule a new class in any of the topics if at least 10 people commit to attend.

Classes Information and Resources

Farm Labor Supervisor Training Program (FLS)

Certificate of Farm Labor Management