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Southwest Florida Research & Education Center

Southwest Florida Research & Education Center

Soil Microbiology Team in Action ....


Rachel using a multichannel pipette to transfer samples during DNA extraction.

Dr. Nuzzo adds soil and tomato roots to a sample bag, held by Rachel, for future rhizosphere DNA extraction

Clayton and Rachel potting citrus seedlings for Clayton’s greenhouse experiment with cover crops and biological soil crusts

John presenting a poster on the research he completed for his Master’s degree, a study investigating the effects of potting media on rhizosphere community composition in citrus.

Kira sampling biological soil crusts in a citrus grove

Rachel setting up the irrigation system for a tomato trial in the greenhouse, testing microbial biostimulants.

Dr. Strauss presenting her work at the 17th annual soil and water sciences research forum.

Dr. Castellano-Hinojosa in a citrus grove.

Amanda using a vacuum manifold and spin columns to extract DNA from soil samples.


Dr. Nuzzo transplanting tomato seedlings into pots for a biostimulant trial in the greenhouse.

A group photo of Strauss lab members at the 19th annual soil and water sciences research forum. From left to right: John, Kira, Clayton, Dr. Strauss, Rachel, and David

John sampling soil in a citrus grove.

Clayton Nevins

Dr. Strauss sampling citrus roots and soil for rhizosphere DNA extraction.

Clayton sampling biological soil crusts with a soil corer in a citrus grove.

David analyzing DNA sequence data for statistical significance.

Amanda holds back a citrus tree while a collaborator collects soil cores.


Castellano-Hinojosa collecting gasses from soil in a citrus grove to measure nitrous oxide (N2O ) gas emissions.

John and Rachel at the SWFREC open house, displaying biological soil crusts, results of John’s project, and engaging with the community.

Kira and Clayton collecting biological soil crusts and soil cores in a citrus grove

John discussing soil microbiology with a community member at the 2018 SWFREC open house.

Amanda using a soil corer to collect soil samples from a tomato bed.

Strauss collecting tomato biomass samples with Dr. Albrecht (professor of plant physiology, UF).

David Toole