Water Use Sustainability

Studies in Water Use Sustainability are based on the following subtopics, which help in deciding water use based on crops, climate, and helps in optimization of production systems. The research also investigates the alternative water supplies for the future.

Crop Water Use

  • Agricultural Crops
    • Large lysimeter facility for measurement of water and nutrient fluxes
    • Vegetable, sugarcane, rice and bioenergy crops
  • Natural Systems (wetland)
    • Eddy flux

Irrigation/Drainage for Current and Future Climates

  • Traditional and Micro Irrigation Systems
  • ET, soil moisture, & water-table based management for water conservation
  • Tomato, Pepper, Watermelon, Bioenergy
  • Development and field testing of management tools

Production System Optimization

  • Vegetable bed geometry alternatives for enhanced water and nutrient use
  • Organic amendments for increased sustainability

Alternative Water Supply for a Changing Climate

  • Recycling agricultural drainage as a water supply source at the farm and watershed scale (citrus, vegetable, sugarcane)

Water Use Sustainability