Dr. Sanjay Shukla

Professor, Water Resources

Sanjay Shukla is a professor in the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department working at IFAS's Southwest Florida Research and Education Center in Immokalee, Florida. Shukla's primary interest is water quality and supply issues, and his location in Immokalee puts him in the center of one of the most delicately balanced environments of the country, South Florida. This is a large area of extensive agricultural operations that coexist with environmentally unique and sensitive regions, and at its edges are Florida's densely populated coasts and I-4 corridor. At the center of the region is the Southeast's largest freshwater lake, Lake Okeechobee. Shukla's many projects look at managing water and nutrient discharges from the agricultural and ranching operations in terms of how to conserve water and reduce the nutrient loads to the Northern Everglades region that contain the Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades.







Professor, Water Resources