Vegetable Variety Testing Program

Variety selection is one of the most important decisions a vegetable grower makes. Because of the number of new varieties released each year and the number of crops grown in Florida, UF/IFAS no longer has “recommended” varieties, but only a list of “varieties commonly grown in Florida.”

All variety trials are conducted on-farm to accurately reflect commercial conditions, facilitate variety adoption, and help new growers to adapt their cultural practices to these new varieties and crops. This variety and advanced germplasm testing program provides unbiased and comprehensive horticultural information on the adaptation and performance of tomatoes, peppers, and other specialty vegetable crops, including heirloom tomatoes, broccoli, and radish across the entire spectrum of growing seasons and regional farm environments.

Variety trials are conducted in multiple locations (Collier, Manatee, and Palm Beach Counties) and multiple seasons (winter and spring) in cooperation with David Sui (Palm Beach County Extension Services), Eugene McAvoy (Hendry County Extension Service), Crystal Snodgrass (Manatee County), and Richard Raid (UF/IFAS). In addition to yield and crop development, disease and insect pressure, and postharvest quality are also evaluated.



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Vegetable Variety Testing