Dr. Monica Ozores-Hampton

Teaching: Vegetable Horticulture

Dr. Monica Ozores-Hampton’s current teaching experience encompasses short courses (national and international), graduate student advisement, and guest lecturing (largely invited) in both graduate and undergraduate instructional levels. In addition to teaching the fundamental concepts and content of a course, Dr. Ozores-Hampton believes that it is important and helpful to foster the development of critical thinking and analytical skills toward the acquisition of lifelong learning and problem-solving abilities. She is also a proponent of providing opportunities for hands-on training, project leadership, and group discussions that enhance and confirm conceptual learning with actual experience and observation. Based on her experiences including the time spent as an agricultural lecturer at the Catholic University of Chile in her earlier career, Dr. Ozores-Hampton designs her own evaluation methods to obtain relevant feedback and uses this feedback to improve the teaching materials for future use. Upon reflection of her academic career, Dr. Ozores-Hampton finds that she has been greatly influenced by her teachers and mentors who have in turn led her to enjoy and embrace teaching as an opportunity to inspire and empower her own students.

Vegetable Horticulture Students

Qiang Zhu
 Qiang Zhu, Vegetable Horticulture Student

Research Topic: Soil Fertility for Vegetable Production at Homestead, Florida

Qiang Zhu acquired his Bachelor’s Degree (2005-2009) and his Master's Degree (2009-2012) in soil science at Shandong Agricultural University in Shandong, China.

Currently, Qiang is pursuing a PhD Horticultural Sciences with Dr. Ozores-Hampton. He is developing his research proposal which will focus on the soil fertility for vegetable production in Homestead, Florida.


Associate Professor, Vegetable Horticulture