Dr. Kelly Morgan

Teaching: Soil and Water Science

Masters and Ph.D Researches in Soil & Water Science program are conducted in the advisory supervision of Dr. Kelly Morgan. The current stuies in this program Soil Phosphorus Storage Capacity (SPSC)- a chemically-based approach that shows promise as an indicator of P storage or movement into the environment. Nutrients in drip irrigated tomato and sweet bell pepper. And effect of subsurface drip irrigation flow rates and emitter spacing on sugarcane water uptake and production in Florida’s Alfisols.

Soil and Water Science Students

Muriel Brewer
Miurel Bermudez, Soil and Water Science Student

Research Topic:  Effect of drip irrigation and nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium applications on tomatoes and bell peppers growth and yield

Miurel graduated from Earth University in 2011. Her major was Agronomic Engineering. In 2012, she did an internship at the UF/IFAS Immokalee for 6 months. At that time she was working for Dr. Morgan’s program. At this time Dr. Morgan serves as the graduate advisor for her MS degree program.

Miurel started her Masters program in spring 2013. Her research is on nutrients in drip irrigated tomato and sweet bell pepper. The experiment is conducted on tomato and sweet bell pepper planted on plastic mulch beds. The goal of the project is to find the best fertilizer rates for tomatoes and sweet bell pepper using surface drip irrigation. The experimental design will be repeated twice, starting in September 2013 and a second planting starting in February 2014.

Timothy Ayankojo


Professor, Soil and Water Science