Dr. Fritz Roka

Research: Agricultural Economics

Dr. Fritz Roka's economic program at SWFREC supports other applied research programs in Florida with economic data and strives to improve the quality of cost, price and market information available to Florida farm owners and managers. Improved information should help agricultural producers make more profitable decisions in their commercial operations. In addition, this information should aid in the way resources are managed so to enhance environmental quality and conserve the region's natural resources.

Citrus Mechanical Harvesting
IFAS Citrus Mechanical Harvesting Website

The IFAS Citrus Mechanical Harvesting website provides all available information on citrus mechanical harvesting-- a place where growers, harvesting contractors, processors, and other industry clientele can access the latest research material, acquire basic information on the existing harvesting systems, and provide a forum to ask questions regarding mechanical harvesting.


Citrus Production
HLB (Greening)

Huanglongbing (HLB), also known as citrus greening, is one of the most serious citrus diseases. It is a bacterial disease that attacks the vascular system of plants. Once infected, there is no cure for the disease and the fruit is bitter and inedible.

A Citrus Yield Case Block Study

This is an ongoing study with participating growers in the SW Florida region. We have been collecting yield information for Hamlin and Valencia blocks that were initially stabled in the 1980’s, with some of the blocks having 19 year old trees. The two graphs representing the accumulated data can be viewed below. The published paper can also be read below.



Associate Professor, Agricultural Economics