Dr. Ozgur Batuman

Assistant Professor, Citrus Pathology

Dr. Batuman joined the center in early October 2016.  Before coming to the SWFREC, he was a project scientist in the Department of Plant Pathology at the University of California-Davis.  There he worked on thrips population dynamics and Tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) incidence in processing tomatoes, peppers, and lettuces in Central California for development and implementation of an integrated pest management strategy for TSWV/thrips control.  He was also involved in identification and characterization of virus and virus-like diseases of other vegetable crops.

Dr. Batuman’s research program at SWFREC will be focused on better understanding of pathogens causing economically important diseases in citrus and the development of effective, long-lasting, and integrated pest management  strategies for controlling citrus pathogens that currently threaten the industry in Florida.  His program will further expand toward basic aspects of research.  If, for example, understanding of the biology of a certain pathogen is lacking, he will study pathogen biology, epidemiology, and pathogen-vector-citrus interactions.




Assistant Professor, Citrus Pathology