Contact List


Calvin E. Arnold (webpage) Center Director
Jordan Brelan Operations Manager

 Clerical and Purchasing

Denise Bates Administrative Support Specialist II
Rebecca Decker Human Resource Generalist
Jennifer Derleth Administrative Support Assistant
Janice Hill Accountant I

Farm Fleet and Facilities Operations

Roger McGill Maintenance Generalist II
Zoe Watson Agricultural Assistant II
Perfecto Aragus Agricultural Assistant I
Ivan Rua Agricultural Assistant I
Jose Rosas Agricultural Assistant I
Lenel Jones OPS
Cynthia Wilder Custodian

Information Technology

Kevin Hill IT Professional II
Marisol Sanchez Applications Developer Analyst II


Julie Carson Marketing and Communications Specialist

Agricultural Economics - Economics

Fritz Roka (webpage) Associate Professor
Barbara Hyman Education/Training Spec II
Lucy Ortiz OPS

Agricultural Economics - Natural Resources Economics

Tara Wade  Assistant Professor
Shelly Goodwin Data Management Analyst

Agricultural Engineering - Precision Agricultural Engineering

Ioannis Ampatzidis Assistant Professor
Sri Kakarla Engineer
Jaafar Abdulridha Post Doctoral Associate
Shirin Ghatrehsamane Graduate Assistant
Magda Derival OPS Lab Assistant
Xiuhua Zhang Visiting Research Scholar

Agricultural Engineering - Water Resources

Sanjay Shukla (webpage) Professor
Rajendra Shishodia Post Doctoral Associate
Gregory Hendricks Engineer III
Kira M. Hansen Graduate Assistant
Angelica Engel Graduate Assistant
Travis Hill OPS


Phil Stansly (webpage) Professor
Barry Kostyk Biological Scientist IV
Monica Triana Agricultural Assistant III
Jose Castillo Assistant-In-Entomology
Benny Pena Agricultural Assistant
Nick Johnston OPS
Gerard Kearns (Gerry) OPS

Horticultural Sciences - Citrus Horticulture

Fernando Alferez Assistant Professor
Tim Gast Biological Scientist III
Jorge Ocanas Agricultural Assistant I
Daniel Boakye Graduate Assistant
Christine Darbouze OPS

Horticultural Sciences -  Vegetable Horticulture

Shawron Weingarten Biological Scientist III
Qiang Zhu Post Doctoral Associate

Horticultural Sciences - Plant Physiology

Ute Albrecht  (webpage) Assistant Professor
Bo Meyering Biological Scientist II
Indu Tripathi Postdoctoral Research Associate
Aditi Satpute  Post Doctoral Associate  
Adam Hoeffner Laboratory Technician
Shahrzad Bodaghi Graduate Assistant

Horticultural Sciences - Weed Science

Ramdas Kanissery Assistant Professor
Robert Riefer Biological Scientist I
Biwek Gairhe Graduate Assistant
Camille McAvoy OPS

Plant Pathology - Citrus

Ozgur Batuman Assistant Professor
Samantha Gebben Biological Scientist I
Ana Redondo Scientific Lab Manager
Kellee Britt Graduate Assistant
Alec Pica OPS

Plant Pathology - Vegetables

Pamela Roberts (webpage) Professor
Katherine Hendricks Biological Scientist IV
Jessie Watson Biological Scientist II
Shea Teems Laboratory Manager
Inez McClelland (Marie) OPS

Soil and Water Science

Kelly Morgan (webpage) Professor
Ed Hanlon (webpage) Professor Emeritus
Kamal Mahmoud Research Coordinator II
Said Hamido Postdoctoral Research Associate
Ann Summeralls Agricultural Assistant III
Mickey Pena Office Assistant
Timothy Ayankojo Graduate Assistant
Ali Atta Graduate Assistant

Soil Microbiology

Sarah Straus Assistant Professor
Rachel Berner Biological Scientist
Andrea Nuzzo Post Doctoral Associate
David Toole Graduate Assistant
John Santiago Graduate Assistant